The B&W mPower reactor design is a scalable, modular, Advanced Light Water Reactor (ALWR) system in which the nuclear core and steam generators are contained within a single vessel.

Generation mPower believes this optimized ALWR Generation III++ nuclear technology can be certified, manufactured and operated within today's existing regulatory, industrial supply chain and utility operational infrastructure.

The Generation mPower electric generation plant has the capacity to match customer demand in nominal 180 MWe increments for a four-year operating cycle without refueling, using standard pressurized water reactor (PWR) fuel.


The B&W mPower reactor is being designed with Generation III++ technology and important safety systems.

In addition, the reactor's air-cooled condenser, underground containment and small site footprint all help minimize environmental impact.


B&W established its Integrated System Test (IST) facility in Bedford County, Va. The facility is located at the Center for Advanced Engineering and Research (CAER) at the New London Business & Technology Center.

The facility is designed to collect data to verify the reactor design and safety performance in support of licensing activities with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The facility contains a scaled prototype of the B&W mPower reactor.

All of the technical features of B&W's mPower reactor are included in the IST, although the source of energy is electricity rather than nuclear. Learn more here.

B&W mPower reactor assebly.

The IST facility includes a scaled prototype reactor that will undergo extensive testing.

B&W mPower reactor assebly.

The IST facility is part of the newly constructed Center for Advanced Engineering and Research facility in Bedford County, Va.